Anna-Lena Engelberth was born in 1990 and is a Berlin based stylist and fashion designer.

„I studied fashion design in Trier until the end of 2013. I’ve been always fascinated by special and high quality fabrics as well as colours and their impressive and atmospheric possibilities of combinations. I love to give my best in each single project. Since I have finished my studies, I’m striving for improvement and learnings. It is important to me to increase the way of expressing myself in communication and art.“

That is why she worked as an intern at the fashion content team of navabi GmbH in Aachen just as the assistant of the stylist, set designer and art director Linda Charlotte Ehrl in Berlin. Her last project was designing and sewing a wedding dress, while she worked at KISURA GmbH as a fashion stylist until August 2016. The actual project of Anna-Lena Engelberth are the studies of business communication management until the end of March 2019. During the studies she worked at the management assistant of Tilmann Billing Kommunikation and as a working student in project management and marketing of Drivelog GmbH.

She is always searching for new experiences, collaborations and inspirations in fashion, art, digital development and further interesting projects. If you are interested in working with her. Feel free to contact.